Things You Must Consider While Considering Healthy Turtle Food

Things You Must Consider While Considering Healthy Turtle Food

Before considering pet an animal, one must be aware of the animal’s dietary preferences as well as its wellbeing in a conserved environment. Apart from being cuddly like dogs and cats, turtles are known to be fantastic pets for their specific qualities.

The diet preferences for the turtles depend on their species. The nutrition and balanced turtle food are necessary for its perfect health. What specific things you may want to consider for your turtle? The discussion will answer this question.

What Turtles Prefer to Eat?

  The question is answered by another question that what species of turtle you have as a pet. Turtles can have various food varieties as some of them prefer plants for their diet (Herbivorous), some require meat only (Carnivorous), and some are good with both diets (omnivorous).

Best food for red-eared slider turtles recommended by the vets and offered by the pet stores commonly in the form of chunks, sticks/bars, or in small granules with balanced diet formulas. These formulas can provide the required minerals and vitamins for your pet in its desired proportion. Some suggestions could help your pet to be healthier and happier based on nutrition.

Fresh Food Items for Your Pet:

  • Eggs, mealworms, snails are the best protein source for turtles
  • Corn, carrots, and beets can be considered as fresh vegetable sources
  • Carrot leaves, spinach, lettuce can be considered as fresh green sources
  • Crushed oyster shells, crushed eggshells can be considered as a fine source of calcium for your pet’s hard shell

How to Feed Your Turtle a Healthy Turtle Food:

Like humans, turtles also prefer a change of taste in their daily diet and prefer appealing food. Fresh vegetables or fresh meat for your pets available at specified time intervals may increase charm for the food and the pet feels more attracted to it happily. But there are some DON’T’S that one should follow while feeding them:

  1. Turtles cannot digest dairy items. Do not feed them cheese, milk, etc. It’ll harm its health.
  2. Excessive protein may lead to obesity. Offer protein diet only thrice or twice a week.
  3. Avoid offering stale or rotten meat to turtles.
  4. Always provide fresh food to your pet. Rotten or molded turtle food may severely affect your pet’s health.
  5. Always breakdown the food into small pieces that are easy to eat for turtles as turtles lack teeth.