Find Out The Orbital Sander Reviews  In 2020

Find Out The Orbital Sander Reviews  In 2020

What is Orbital Sanders?

Orbital Sanders are hand-held tools used for sanding which runs on electricity. It has sanding blades that deliver random-orbit action. The angle of rotation and the disk is variable. These were first introduced in 1976 but in 1982 they combined the speed of a belt sander with the ability to produce the finest finish possible. Apart from electric powered, orbital floor sanders and air-powered sanders are also available. The large floor orbital sanders are not handheld, unlike the air and electricity power sanders.

Checking the Orbital Sander Reviews the best orbital sanders available in 2020 are:

  • RIDGID R8606B: Its weight is 4.8 lb and the battery is 6.0 Ah and 18 volts. It has a soft start feature which brings it up to the high speed with a gentle ramp-up. The only problem is the tight fit between the battery and the dust-bag that makes dust-bag removal difficult.
  • MAKITA XOB01T: It weighs 3.8 lb and the battery is 5.0 Ah and 18 volts. It is aggressive and very effective. It is very well balanced.
  • RYOBI P411: Its bodyweight is 4.2 lb and the battery is 4.0 Ah and 18 volts. Not very aggressive but works well and allows a high degree of control. It has a surprisingly good dust pickup.
  • Black & Decker BDCRO20C: It is lighter than others, weighs 2.8 lb and the battery is 1.5 Ah and 20 volts. It is not a pro-product but is a good machine for its price. It is good for small fix-ups. The dust collection is very poor.
  • Milwaukee Electric Tool 2648-20: It weighs 4.2 lb and the battery is 3.0 Ah and 18 volts. It feels like floating while using it so you don’t need to muscle while using it. However, the design of the product is not very nice and it’s not very handy.
  • Porter-Cable PCCW205B: Its weight is 3.0lb and the battery is 1.5 Ah, 20 volts. It is similar to Black & Decker. It is very light and you’ll not have any problem handling it. It is good for ladder based works.
  • Bosch ROS20VSC: Its body-weight is 3.5 lb and it is very comfortable to use. It supports fast sanding and good dust collection. The final finish of the product is very good and it is a professional quality product.

The above Orbital Sander Reviews can be very helpful to choose a sander. You can choose according to your needs. For example if you need a light product, you can choose Black & Decker or Porter-Cable while if you need it for professional works, you’ll need RIDGID or Bosch.