Fight 4 Family Program For Easy Self Defense

Fight 4 Family Program For Easy Self Defense

Self-defense is a crucial art that should be known to all. Unforeseen situations are plenty with the advanced world and the countless population, that we might stand affixed to fight for ourselves or for our loved ones. Martial arts aren’t the best suited for all, but basic training can be an excellent effort. Its high time we prepare ourselves, and the Fight 4 Family is the just required program for one and all.

Program Benefits

The complete package to train the family includes:

  • Basic moves to defend, fight and disarm in any situation. The participants don’t have to learn any weapon usage nor have to be bulky and muscular.
  • Fight 4 Family inherently teaches weak points of the body’s anatomy to recognize and attack correctly. Along with physical training, it prepares the person with strong mental stability to overcome the fear of the weapons or the attacker in front of them.
  • The moves are suitable for anyone and for any situation. Regardless the age and gender, every person can learn to master the techniques.
  • The training is a set of recorded videos available on CDs with no physical classes or restricted time slots. The participants can watch, rewatch and practice till they become experts in the moves. The videos are also not lengthy and self-paced to suit every learner.

The Fight 4 Family program was introduced by John Hartman, who was a former US Armed Force member. His goal is to empower every man to avoid physical threats and assaults.

Added Perks

Simple video learning might not attract all and may miss out on some grave situations in real life. Rather the program also includes additional perks as guiding to prepare easy defensive weapons and using them handy. The complete process to make five such weapons from scratch is described. It also includes a booster move which can be used when all the strategies fail.

The benefits listed thus suffice to prove the need and the ease to learn self-defense. Indeed, Fight 4 Family is a sure-shot way to embolden all.